Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Marx or Locke From 3rdWAVElands Part 2

This post is from my real estate blog again but it hits on a theme that I write about quite here quite often: Property Rights.  Here is the money quote:

In fact, one can make a very good argument that the main catalyst to the American and French Revolutions was the uniting of the working class(Proletariat) and small business(Bourgeois) class to overthrow monopoly of the elite.  If true then this was a serious threat that needed to be squashed. Sure enough by 1815 the elite of Europe called a congress to restore "order "and claim back much of what they had lost.  It was called the Congress of Vienna and the order that it established lasted in Europe until the uprisings of 1848.  Which just so happens to be the year that Marx wrote his "Manifesto" that sought use the issue of property rights to divide these same two groups that had risen up to challenge the elite 75 years earlier. Maybe there is more to this story than meets the eye?...

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