Monday, January 4, 2010

Frazer's Hermeneutic And the History of Orthodox Christian Political Theology

With Editorial Suggestions by Jonathan Rowe

My last few posts argued American Founding era political theology created a "Big Tent of Diverse Interests" that allowed various Christian factions of the country to put aside the doctrinal differences that privately divided them and embrace political ideas that publiclyunited them.

This post continues in that vein.

I stressed that two God terms in the Declaration of Independence were added by the Continental Congress to appeal to Calvinists. This, I think, strengthened the connection between the political-theology of the DOI and Calvinistic notions of interposition.

Then, to better inform myself on the matter, I just carefully read the exchange between Jim Babka and Gregg Frazer that was part of "Romans 13 round 1." You will see Babka and I, for the most part, agree on Romans 13 & Christian history. We stress how Dr. Frazer downplays the later Calvinists (not necessarily Calvin himself) like Rutherford whose teachings on "interposition" transition into those of the Declaration of Independence.

The Coldest Day of the Year

After hearing on the reports on the news about how today was going to be the "coldest day of the year" I girded myself up to brave the elements to go and buy myself a Subway sub.  It was frightening but I made it out.  When I got to Subway it was packed to I decided to brave the conditions and walk another block and found "Vesuvios Pizza" and decided to go in.  I settled on a sub and watched all about Jim Zorn being fired from my precious Redskins while the guy made it.

Shortly, after I walked outside and encountered the weather from "the coldest day of the year" again.  I remember thinking that I should have brought my I-Pod so I could listen to Alicia Keys sing about New York.  Then I finished up the first half of my half decent sub.  I started to think about how dumb I probably looked walking down Taimiami Trail with socks, flip flops, and shorts on.  I then suddenly dropped the other half of my sub.

This normally would have bothered me when I lived up North.  But us Florida people do not let things like that bother us as long as all we have to do is put a pair of socks on to wear with our flip-flops and shorts on the "coldest day of the year"  Alicia Keys can have New York.  I am happy here!