Monday, January 4, 2010

The Coldest Day of the Year

After hearing on the reports on the news about how today was going to be the "coldest day of the year" I girded myself up to brave the elements to go and buy myself a Subway sub.  It was frightening but I made it out.  When I got to Subway it was packed to I decided to brave the conditions and walk another block and found "Vesuvios Pizza" and decided to go in.  I settled on a sub and watched all about Jim Zorn being fired from my precious Redskins while the guy made it.

Shortly, after I walked outside and encountered the weather from "the coldest day of the year" again.  I remember thinking that I should have brought my I-Pod so I could listen to Alicia Keys sing about New York.  Then I finished up the first half of my half decent sub.  I started to think about how dumb I probably looked walking down Taimiami Trail with socks, flip flops, and shorts on.  I then suddenly dropped the other half of my sub.

This normally would have bothered me when I lived up North.  But us Florida people do not let things like that bother us as long as all we have to do is put a pair of socks on to wear with our flip-flops and shorts on the "coldest day of the year"  Alicia Keys can have New York.  I am happy here!

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